Timbers Reciprocity Program

Trade and Travel the World

Because every Timbers Collection property offers an unforgettable experience, it’s almost unfair to have to choose just one to enjoy. Fortunately, as an Owner at Dancing Bear Aspen, you won’t have to.

The Timbers Reciprocity Program extends the benefits of ownership by offering Owners the opportunity to experience the entire portfolio through a simple and convenient online trading system. Enjoy Mexico or Kaua’i in the winter. Tuscany or Napa for the olive and wine harvest. Spring skiing in the Rockies and Scottsdale or Sonoma for world-class golf. Such are the delightful decisions Owners enjoy through the Timbers Reciprocity Program.

Upon joining this simple program, you can trade your planned vacation weeks for the opportunity to discover the distinct amenities, breathtaking settings, and unique activities that make each destination so special. And because we are actively creating new five-star properties around the world, the Timbers Collection promises to grow, providing more opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Arranging trades is as easy as point and click. Via the Timbers Reciprocity Program website, enter the weeks you wish to trade, and choose from the available weeks at other resort properties. A dedicated representative is available to assist with questions and details, including special booking considerations. It’s an exciting and endlessly rewarding way to enjoy all the wonders of the portfolio.

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Timbers Reciprocity Program

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Ownership at Dancing Bear Aspen assures access to the Timbers Reciprocity Program and the ability to trade
your vacation time with other destinations in the Timbers Collection portfolio. These are extraordinary places
that enrich and invigorate and where you’ll be treated as only an Owner should be.

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