History & Traditions of Cinco de Mayo

Let's get the rumor straight: Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexico's Independence Day. If you're looking to celebrate that holiday, you'll have to wait until September 16.

The fifth of May actually honors the Battle of Puebla, which took place well after the country established independence. Before you raise your margarita in honor, get the dish on what this holiday is actually all about.

The History

It was 1862. Mexico was in financial ruin. President Beniot Juarez was forced to default the country's debts to Britain, France and Spain. While Britain and Spain were willing to negotiate a deal, France -- who was at the time ruled by Napoleon III -- took this as an opportunity to storm the territory and drive Juarez into retreat.

Confident, the French set out to attack Puebla de Los Angeles. But they were met by Juarez's rag tag army who -- though outnumbered -- managed to beat the French into retreat. Mexico: 1. France: 0.

Though this battle didn't signify the end of Mexico's problems with France (that was six years later) it did bolster the resistance movement and is therefore thought of as a memorable moment in the country's history.

Cinco de Mayo Today

Surprisingly, Cinco de Mayo isn't a major holiday in Mexico. It's really only celebrated with great fanfare in the region of Puebla and within Mexican communities in the United States who use it as a day to honor Mexican heritage and culture. Celebrations typically include traditional Mexican foods, margaritas, parades and mariachi music.

Celebrate Timbers Style

You can celebrate the holiday by raising a glass at El Bar at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas. This outdoor cantina's breathtaking view of Cabo's famed Lands End is the perfect spot to sample fine tequilas. Or venture down to the Beach at La Palapa for a beer bucket and a little sand between your toes at the Cabo Lounge Barefoot Bar.

If you can't make it down to Cabo, but happen to find yourself at One Steamboat Place in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, head to the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. Snag a table on the rooftop deck to enjoy authentic Mexican grub and a sweet mountain view.

Celebrating the holiday doesn't necessarily need to include a traditional meal and a mariachi band. For those staying at Dancing Bear Aspen, head over to The Cantina or Su Casa for Mexican fare then on to Belly Up to catch some live music.

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