Laugh. Play. Connect. Repeat

Fun Is the Order of the Day

It’s hard to know which kids love better, Aspen outside or Dancing Bear inside. Both seem to be worlds created especially for them. Everywhere outdoors kids are free to explore, to learn and to be themselves. There are endless programs and adventure all around town and in the mountains, and all are certain to enlighten and strengthen mind and body. Inside, our game room and tykes room and theater are great ways to pass a bit of time. They’re quite private and secure as well.

Throughout the year, we offer tailored Kids Camps, special events, holidays, birthday parties, and movie nights. Child care is available for Owners who are enjoying a spa treatment or adult time at dinner. Full-day childcare is also available.

Game Room

Gatherings of family and friends ready for a little spirited competition – billiards, board games or on the big screen with Xbox.

The Game Room sits ready to welcome kids in Aspen for fun.
The children's room sits ready with toys and stuffed animals for kids to enjoy.

Tykes Room

The Tykes Room is endlessly entertaining with many ideas for make-believe – and a favorite destination for our pint-sized audience. The bookcase, filled with storybooks, coloring books, stuffed animals and more appeals to the youthful nature of the room’s frequent guests.