eBikes: The Next New Road Toys

In trendspotting, it appears 2014 may be the year electric bikes come out of their shell and make a major splash as a hot-rod new road toy. As you know, electric motor bikes are not brand new; the eco-friendly bikes were saddled with a bad image: seen as clunky (due to huge battery packs and motors tacked on at clunky spots surrounding frames) and unsightly (read ugly, lacking attention to style and finesse).

Yet, eBikes are shedding that skin. At last, some high-end designers have brought the sleek, stealth--and luxury--that was missing from the smart concept, and could amp up your next trip to your (private) vacation luxury home. In fact, ebikes are now increasingly seen as futuristic, techified gadgets. Next time you're visiting your private residence club in Colorado, or even Tuscany, ask the concierge how to rent one locally.

Faraday Porteur

This bike is, dare we say, stylish. Indeed, with its pistachio-accents and slickster stored-in-the-frame battery and front-wheel-embedded motor. Faraday ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, selling 200 pre-ordered eBikes for $3,500 a pop that were first shipped in March 2014. Reviews have been exceedingly positive. The bike offers you three times your own personal power, for quite a boost to turbocharge up torturous hills.

Prodeco Mariner S

Forbes magazine deemed this folding eBike a "clear winner" and best in class, when it surveyed options on the market in 2012. The bike arrives to you in a tiny box fit for a microwave has power to boot with a 250 watt free-spinning motor mounted in the front wheel and a lithium battery. It's a smooth ride that, with a simple twist of the throttle action, amps up power allowing the bike to effortlessly hum beneath you. It can easily clobber 20 miles at a stint and is manageable height for carrying. This bike, starting around $1,000, is ideal for toting along on boats (named "Best of Breed" by Yachting magazine), as it's salt-air friendly, folding and lightweight.

Prodeco Outlaw SS

If speed is what your after, take a look at the Outlaw. Available in a striking and sporty electric-orange metallic, this bike is easy to maneuver and attention-grabbing. Called the king of the mountain, it's made to climb mountains on and off-road. It soars to a top speed of 28 mph (quite fast for eBikes) it boasts a frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum and a 48V 750-watt motor that delivers 1200 watts at peak. All that power for a price around $3,500.

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