Top Playlist for a Fantastic Wine Dinner

The light is just right, and that amber glow catches the ruby-black necks of the bottles in the Wine Room at Dancing Bear Aspen, one of the Aspen residence club's most inviting amenities. Or maybe it's the flush peach-orange of sunset over the villas in Tuscany, and you're enjoying a perfect spread al fresco at your farmhouse at Castello di Casole. The burble of a brunello as it pours into your glass. Your friends and family at last together, the delighted murmur of the past catching up with the present. It's your wine dinner. It's almost perfect. All it needs now is a little music: enter the perfect playlist.

Scoring Your Dinner: A List for Inspiration

Owners and guests at Timbers Resorts know that details make the moment. Hitting the right note is about location, decor, and delicious food and wine. But it's also about the music - a touch that can elevate those moments to the next level.

If you're looking for a little inspiration when it comes to what you might put on your wine dinner playlist, have a look at the example that follows. It's a template that you can work from, filtering in your mood and your guests' tastes to complement the occasion at hand. Rather than try to dictate a song-by-song selection, we're saving you some time by recommending an album-by-album playlist instead. The times of each album are given so you can plan the length of each segment of your dinner. Following the list, some thoughts on playlist construction, should you decide to strike out on your own.

1. Starter: Paganini: Guitar Music (Marco Tamayo) [1:00] or Bix Beiderbecke: Vol.1 Singin' the Blues [1:00]

2. Entree: Bach: Violin Concertos (Julia Fischer) [1:00]

3. Entree: Boyd Lee Dunlop: Boyd's Blues [0:59] or Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain [1:00]

4. Dessert: Pinetop Perkins: Heaven [0:45] or Nina Simone: Baltimore [0:37]

5. Dessert: The Dave Brubeck Quartet: Jazz: Red, Hot, and Cool [0:57]

Playlist Construction: Some Thoughts

Intrigued by our selections? Here are some of the key ideas that should go into the making of any dinner playlist.

Starters: Think of your early-in-the-dinner playlist the way you would think of the first plates. You want to set the stage for what's to follow. You want to spark conversation and conviviality. Indoors or outdoors, light classical is a fine way to start (we chose a Romantic composer.) Or, you might want to leaven the atmosphere with some cool jazz (you can't go wrong with material from the Dixieland era.)

Entrees: As your dinner party is now fully underway, a lot of the musical context is now going to be deep background. With mains on the table, conversation well-lubricated, and a toast or two likely, the idea is to carry the evening to its next phase without tipping it off-balance by distraction. Lush Baroque can do that (but stay away from full orchestras), and so can some blues piano or some understated jazz. The Miles Davis selection on our lists splits the difference nicely between jazz and classical, for instance.

Dessert: Here's where things get more playful. In musical terms, you can now bring in the vocals and open up the tempo to be a bit more energetic.

Note that all the selections on the list above are available on iTunes. No need to hunt down individual CDs, just load up the iPhone or tablet and enjoy!

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