Summer Cruisin’ with Sweet Rides!

Suddenly, it's summertime, and the riding is easy.

The gentle roads of vacation never came easier for Timbers Resorts' Owners than they do these days astride a new, sleek, good-looking street cruiser.

Let's take a look at the world of very urbane cycling — epitomized these days by the elegant cruiser model bicycle. We'll look at three Timbers Resorts properties where cruisers and all the accoutrements for a comfortable ride await (plus trails to frame your journey). We'll also look at some classy designs that you might choose to eventually own.

Timbers Resorts: Trails to Ride on Road Bikes:

One Steamboat Place: By the mid-2000s, Steamboat Springs in Colorado boasted more miles of country road than anywhere else in the state. That means a biker's paradise for street-cruiser riders. From Long Lake Loop to Yampa River Core Trail, check out the Chamber Resort Association's menu of routes to explore.

The Sebastian - Vail: While Vail is working on a valley-wide paved trail system — perfect for cruising — enthusiasts can right now start with the banks of Gore Creek and then work their way up to U.S. Route 24 (all the way to Leadville). More information awaits at Vail's website.

Dancing Bear Aspen: Try Castle Creek to reach a real ghost town, all the while enjoying the scenery of the valley. Head over to Old Snowmass for a gentle ride around a ranch-covered landscape. Or, tap into the Aspen Cycling Club for some deep-insider knowledge about the best places to put your pair of wheels.

Street Cruisers: Fly Rides to Try . . . 

There are a few basics that every rider can look for in a street cruiser.

Look for a sturdy machine, yes, but not too heavy (so stay away from steel). Seek the soft curves and comfy seats that have made these a summertime tradition for more than 70 years, but don't go too wide when it comes to the place you park your posterior. Too much seat means chafing for most folks.

Here are some top makers' models, from the sophisticated to the playful:

— Schwinn Classic AL 3: Olive green and light enough to let you ride without hauling a hefty bit of gear under pedal, the Classic AL 3 is not only noteworthy for its lightweight durability but also for its retro cool looks.

— Six Three Zero Mammoth: Single speed with forward-shifted orientation for ease of motion, this is one of the largest in the world of cruiser bicycles. Expect to pay in the $300s.

— Nirve: Based on bikes of the 1950s, you'll find this company's ladies' designs echo times past with spring saddles, long fenders, and wide curved handlebars. These retail in the $300–$500 range.

You can find good deals on these cruisers at, but also at retail spots like REI and others.

Or just ask your concierge at the Timbers Resorts property that you call home, and our cruiser-outfitted locations will have you at the handlebars in no time.

For more information about Timbers Resorts, contact us via email at or by phone, 888.366.6641.