A Man and his Grill

There’s no warm weather activity men love more than manning the grill. While many ladies can obviously hold their own with a spatula, there's something about working with freshly caught fish or meat that, well, brings out the man in a man. Timbers Resorts knows this well, which is why many of our luxury properties come fully loaded with top of the line equipment and thoughtfully designed places to BBQ.

Take Esperanza Resort, for example, where you can go fishing in the Sea of Cortez for your dinner before cooking it up on outdoor gas grills conveniently set on the Residences side of the property. Prefer your food comes to you? Each Friday, the resort’s La Palapa restaurant offers a fish market. Select your local catch of the day, which will be cut and cleaned for you. They’ll cook up fish and chips or the traditional Mexican "a la talla" style or grill it yourself any way you’d like. If you like privacy while you grill, be sure that you book one of the four-bedroom residences that have private gas grills on the outdoor terraces.

At One Steamboat Place, each and every residence has spacious decks with their own Viking Gas Grill. For convenience, many Owners pick up fresh cuts of meat and fish at the local Steamboat Meat and Seafood Company. However, with first-rate fly fishing right at hand, most visitors try their hand at catching their own dinner. Bucking Rainbow Outfitters, one of One Steamboat Place's local partners, is a great place to find a guide to assist you, or simply ask the concierge for additional suggestions. can help you .

Fly fishing is also a great option for visitors to Dancing Bear Aspen with Aspen Outfitting Company, a partner of the property's and frequent guide for Owners and guests.  And, if you prefer a gun to a fishing pole, you have the option to try a bird hunt with them as Aspen Outfitting Company has access to more than a dozen hunting areas across 28,000 acres outside of town. Licensed hunters can head out in groups of three with expert guides and dogs for a wild hunt while unlicensed hunters can hone their skills with a released bird hunt. For a small fee, the company will clean and wrap your birds for easy grilling back at Dancing Bear. The property's stunning rooftop features revolving daybeds, lounge areas, bars, hot tubs, and two gas grills to cook up dinner while you watch the sun set.

It can be said that a memorable day in the outdoors is what life's all about as are the times shared reliving the adventure over the grill!

Learn more about Timbers Resorts and the grill life, by contacting us via email at info@timbersresorts.com or by phone, 888.366.6641.