How to Travel More Efficiently with TSA and Global Entry

As summer travel season approaches, the pause in school and work commitments will send many travelers to Timbers Resorts' private residence clubs around the globe. While real estate fractional ownership is fantastic upon arrival, the shifting TSA rules combined with family travel can make a journey challenging at times. To help get you to your destination resort more efficiently, please consider the following travel tips to help your airport experience go more smoothly:

  • Take advantage of TSA PreCheck: The TSA PreCheck program is designed to allow low risk travelers a quicker screening process for domestic and international travel. You can apply for TSA PreCheck here. There is an $85 fee to apply, and fingerprinting and ID check is required.
  • Look into Global Entry: For frequent international travelers, the CBP's Global Entry program can make a huge difference upon your return to the US. There is a $100 application fee, and both an interview and biometric information are required prior to approval. You can apply for the program here. Most U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents are eligible - see here for the current guideline.
  • See if Clear is available at your airport: For $179 per year, travelers can apply for and purchase a Clear Card for use at select US airports. Current locations include Orlando, Denver, Houston, Dallas, San Jose, and San Francisco. A family Clear Card can be purchased for an additional $50. ID verification and fingerprinting are required prior to use.
  • Edit your wardrobe: One easy way to save time is to reduce the security line "wardrobe shuffle" before you leave home. Slip-on shoes are easier to remove than those with laces. Avoid wearing belts with metal buckles if at all possible. And place jackets and sweaters in your carry-on before entering the security line.
  • Throw jewelry, watches, keys, and phones in your carry on: Taking a second to move these items over to your carry on will reduce stress and speed your way to the gate.
  • Use FlightTrack 5 to check on your plane: This $5 app is a fantastic airport assistant - it has terminal maps, flight updates with push notifications, gate information, and delay updates. You can also see if your flight has onboard wi-fi.
  • For family travel, watch the kids and the stroller: Folding up your stroller and removing your child from it prior to entering the security line will be appreciated - the stroller goes on the conveyor belt, and your child goes with you through the screening process.

While airport security can be unpredictable, utilizing these tips and services should work to reduce stress and save time on most air travel. Many happy returns!

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