Fun Family Games

Family rivalry. A little competition. Playing our way to deeper connections with friends and loved ones. These are all part of the dynamics that make our vacations so valuable to us. And at Timbers Resorts, the power of play is at the core of the experiences our Owners enjoy.

Whether you're hitting the lifts and slopes at Dancing Bear Aspen, taking to the rolling greens of wine country at The Orchard at the Carneros Inn, or heading down to the gentle waves of St. Thomas at The Preserve at Botany Bay, games are not only part of vacation, they're what help restore us along the way.

With that in mind, check out this shortlist of ideas for your downtime activities, some old standbys and some new ideas alike.

  • Snow-play: NASTAR Ski Racing: A day of fresh powder at The Sebastian - Vail or One Steamboat Place is elevated to a race for personal bests — and a bit of friendly one-upmanship — when it's built around the NASTAR system. The largest public grassroots ski-race program in the world, the way NASTAR works is that friends and family sign up at the organization's website and then start logging times and daily race results. You get tracked and ranked with others in your sport. Pull off an outstanding performance? If your record gets good enough, it can lead to invitations to NASTAR's national events.
  • Beach Fun: Games in the Sun: Setting up a net and drawing a volleyball court in the sand has been the start of many a classic seashore day. Form your teams and get serving to see who's going to be the first to overshoot or miss the ball. Keep score, and the winner gets dinner on the defeated team's tab! Check out this how-to video for all the rules of volleyball. And with all that sand, your sun-soaked spot at Kapalua Bay or Esperanza - Cabo San Lucas becomes the perfect place for bocce. Rack up your points by getting your side's ball closest to the target ball. The World Bocce League provides all the rules at their website.
  • Parks and Recreation: You don't have to travel more than a couple steps outside your front door. It takes little more than everybody's favorite flying disc to turn an afternoon on a stretch of wide green grass into a bit of good-natured sport. How about a pickup round of Ultimate? The game combines a Frisbee (or any flying disc) with some fairly familiar rules — think American football. Teams try to complete a pass in the opposite side's end zone. You can get the whole game down with these 10 simple steps.
  • Taking Your Game Indoors: Finally, you might decide the best way to spend the day is to gather the kids and some friends around the dining room table for a game or two. Here are two that you might not have caught when they first made a splash. In Chronology, a fantastic choice for the multi-generational afternoon, you draw cards describing different historical events and try to line them up in the correct sequence that they occurred. Get five correctly in chronological order to win. Our second pick is the perfect pickup for Owners and guests at our wine-country luxury fractional properties: it's Viticulture. In this card-based game, each player "runs" a vineyard. Manage money, employees, the grapes — and, of course, the wine. First player to 20 points wins.

Whatever your version of play, our concierges are on hand to help arrange equipment and locations for your next bit of competition — whether it's racing the slopes or stoking the fireplace and settling in for an evening of tabletop fun. Game on!

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